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We know from 30 years of consulting experience that planning, implementing, managing and upgrading business solutions can be difficult and confusing. This is especially true in an era of disruption, digital transformation, and whole new channels for dealing with customers and employees. Every month there seems to be a new term or technology to learn and understand. On this page, we will provide an ever growing library of information, guidance and advice about some of the these technologies in a down-to-earth and practical manner. We will focus on those technologies used for employee and customer experience. We hope to cover everything from the basics for beginners, called Essentials below, to advice about implementation and management, and informed input about advanced technologies that are becoming prevalent quite quickly

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If you are starting a new organization, planning on upgrading your customer systems, or just want to better understand the nature of these applications we will be adding a number of short, snappy background pieces to hopefully provide some help.

The Essentials 

In this section we cover the basics of customer experience applications and our chosen platform