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On one hand customers have rapidly embraced a range of new digital technologies, and changed their expectations and behaviours in relating to business organizations. On that other hand, many enterprises still are employing older technologies such as telephone and even fax as primary communication channels. And these traditional techniques also tend to be costlier as well. But there are many new easy to deploy options to bring your organization up to speed



Key Features in a Modern Contact Centre

  • completely integrated telephony and call routing

  • up to date case management system with integrated knowledgebase

  • Self service portal / website to reduce questions and cases

  • Automated and smart routing of cases and service requests


  • Communication via multiple channels: email, messaging, web-based forms, calls, and chats and chatbots

  • Virtual Team structures

  • Automated shift management

  • Powerful built-in analytics and business intelligence about the nature of calls and cases


Our Experience

We have worked with many different types of clients and contact centres including for:

  • complex retail product information

  • trades student case and service support

  • IT help desks

  • training and fee registration

  • service requests / work orders in Property Management

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call deflection

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Many contact centres still have a predominant amount of contact via telephone calls and even fax. We have found that with by adding self service portals, searching of knowledgebases, and web-based case submissions, expensive call volumes can be dropped substantially, by 60% and higher