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An integrated platform like no other


We have been using Microsoft technologies since the mid-1990s to develop a range of successful business applications including a large scale stock option processing system and a securities industry master data management product. So when it comes to this era's digital solutions it shouldn't be a surprise that we are still using what we believe is the leading platform for configuring and deploying modern mission-critical solutions.

Many of the digital solutions clients ask us to build for them help to transform the experiences of their customers and their employees. So Dynamics 365 is at the heart of most solutions and we have extensive Dynamics 365 implementation experience. Office 365 is deeply embedded with Dynamics to provide one click productivity and communications capabilities.Legacy systems can be easily moved into Azure where data integration is quicker and easier.

Specific customization, unique or special purpose applications, mobile solutions, or line of business systems can be readily developed and deployed using the Microsoft Power Platform. This includes powerful intelligence and analytical capabilities. Finally extra functionality can be conveniently added from the rich third party ISV ecosystem.

Microsoft technologies are purpose built to work together. Data is shared and integration is surprisingly thoughtful. Their out of the box capabilities are excellent and they are directly adapted. Together these technologies mean that process & work flows, data capture and transaction processing are seamlessly blended with the right communication and productivity tools and are injected with intelligence and insights creating a truly modern experience.



Dynamics 365  

Dynamics 365 is an integrated set of end-to-end business applications suitable for any size of business enterprise. They are modern, web and mobile based, with intelligence and insight built in.

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Microsoft Power Platform

Dynamics has always used as a development platform for doing much more than just CRM. The Power Platform takes this even further. It contains three "powerful" tools and a common data gateway to make developing and deploying value added apps or replacing old legacy apps quick and easy, in a true low code manner


Office 365

If you haven't looked recently Office 365 has gotten more powerful and important than ever. It is the best value for money set of productivity and communication tools there is. Built to work seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem 

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ISV Apps

The Dynamics ecosystem is rich with industry, functional, and feature extensions provided by a community of providers. There are three that we use all the time: marketing automation and social marketing, automated document management, and programmable messaging and voice building blocks.



The world's leading Cloud service for providing infrastructure, platforms and software as a solution. Powered by the largest set of world-wide data centres, Azure makes the next generation of computing a dream to deploy.


Mix & Match Components

For Your Digital Solution

The power of Microsoft and this platform is that the components are all tightly integrated and create a true plug and play environment. This helps to more quickly put together a solutions that can be readily upgraded and changes as you grow with your customers and employees

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