Microsoft Power Platform

This new platform extends the customization capabilities of Dynamics 365 considerably and is a perfect low code platform to develop and deploy:

  • purpose built mobile or web-based apps for specific organizational roles or functions. 
  • extensions to add functions and features to an existing Dynamics application
  • special purpose Line of Business applications, to support any business process
  • business insight and intelligence solutions
Business Applications platform image.png

A particularly important use of this platform is to modernize legacy applications, especially those written in Access or making use of SharePoint lists or greatly over-using the capabilities of Excel. These applications are excellent candidates to be rapidly re-developed. They will then feature a robust database foundation, improved scalability, outstanding security, and proper user sharing all while being accessible in a fresh interface via the web, mobile devices or through Outlook.



It is one interconnected platform that contains all of the best features of Dynamics 365 to be easily incorporated into brand new applications:

  • built-in authentification using Active Directory
  • comprehensive security
  • powerful process / workflow engine
  • data creation and data access tools / models
  • modern user interface
  • inherent business intelligence and analytics

Another compelling reason to use this new platform is it's reasonable price. The PowerApps P1plan for single purpose mobile applications is $8.50 per user per month while the more robust P2 license plan covering more complex web and mobile apps is $48.60 per user per month (all numbers are Canadian).

The Power Platform is comprised of three components all connected to a Common Data Service






power apps


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