A closer look:
Dynamics 365 Talent - Onboard

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Talent - Onboard is one of a series of modular applications providing Human Resource Management capabilities for your organization. Onboard addresses the key task of onboarding employees to your unique organization; providing comprehensive welcome packages tailored to roles, teams and each individual. Onboard leverages its integrations with your Dynamics 365 and Office 365 so all required people, tasks, schedules and due dates are visible to all and recorded for easy tracking and analytics. 

Onboard eliminates the frustrations of ensuring the many "puzzle pieces" are in place so that new hires are welcomed into their new role knowing what expectations are and who will assist them on their career journey. A centralized and customized repository for the entire team, that sets your new employees up for success, even before their first day. 

The video above showcases Onboard's simplicity - highlighting its key features and workspace.   When you currently use Dynamics and Office 365, Onboard may be the addition you need to address your onboarding efforts and decrease the time to staff productivity.

Key Features

• Welcome Package templates to work from and tailor for each individual you hire.
• Activity checklists providing the map for each new hire's journey into the company and their role.
• Contacts identified and provided to your "newbies" so they know who to reach out to when required
• Comprehensive resource repository provided in Welcome Packages
• Clear point in time status snapshots of each new hire's onboarding experience
• Centralized onboarding records all in one place


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