Our Approach


Our Mission

“ITK provides value-added digital solutions that leverage the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 product suites. We offer these solutions to customer-based work teams that want to achieve significant improvements in performance. We value integration, speed of deployment and usability, over complex feature sets, customization, and best of breed functionality. ”

ITK Principles

We follow three key principles in assisting our clients get the best from their Microsoft technologies


We focus on the integration of the technologies across each business process / activity regardless of the underlying software being used, to provide the most effective and efficient solution. This reduces the need for rekeying, exporting and reconciliations.


We assist our client’s with ensuring that they maximize the value of their investment, that they look at all costs generated as part of the deployment of technology, and ensure that any customizations are clearly justified for business reasons.


We ensure that our clients are up and running quickly, getting organizational value and encouraging user adoption. Implementations are often a series of smaller subprojects using Agile approaches, adding advanced functions and features after the core system has been deployed.