Property Management

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Like the rest of our economy, the Property Management industry is undergoing a transformation. Cultural values have changed and tenants are looking for different things for their space. This includes expectations for how they want to interact digitally with their landlords and property managers. There are common themes: profound integration, new communication channels, more complete automation.



New Types of Digital Solutions

  • Property or Resident Manager mobile apps to track rent rolls, complete move-in/out checklists, and update rental information

  • External website connected directly to Property Management system:

    • Take & process rental applications with successful party automatically recorded as a tenant

    • Tenant notices automatically trigger website vacancies

  • Portal and texting used for service requests which can automatically trigger the right service technician and work order

  • Portal providing self service capabilities for tenants

  • Service Technicians mobile apps for receiving work orders, checking parts inventory, and understanding building fixed assets

  • Leasing deal pipeline processing with automated lease generation

  • Automated tenant on-boarding process

  • Powerful analytics and business intelligence about:

    • nature and type of service requests / technicians

    • leasing pipeline

    • tenant onboarding

    • building profitability


Although at first adding these capabilities can seem daunting the benefits are important and long-lasting. Operating costs can be reduced through more complete and more thorough automated processes. Tenant and prospect satisfaction can be improved by rapid responses to enquiries and request using their favorite communication channel. Better decisions can be made thorough the insights gained from analytics and intelligence.

Take a look at our Tenant Onboarding Overview below.


mobile access


In the property management business many employees are often desk-less in the performance of their duties: Property Managers, Service Technicians, Leasing Agents as examples. They need to be provided the right information and the right applications using mobile devices that automatically synchronize with the main system

We have experience working with different types of Property Management organizations: large multi-asset enterprises, investor operated residential property management, and not-for-profit housing societies. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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