A closer look at StaffHub from an Employee Perspective

What the heck is StaffHub? 

StaffHub is a mobile app designed for frontline staff workers in industries such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality and recreational that can track when they work, get co-workers to cover shifts, and have management approve these transitions.
Imagine...Not having to go in to the break room on your day off to see when you work next, or trying desperately to find someone to cover your opening shift tomorrow. StaffHub solves all of that and more. It is truly a breakthrough from the traditional methods of work. 

From the video above, you see how StaffHub can help your solve those issues of communicating and features make your job flow smoothly. 

Key Features for you:

  •  Instantly see when you are working next
  • Request time off for vacation or illness
  • Get approved in minutes for your request, not days
  • Swap or offer your shift to a fellow co-worker
  • Directly message team members without the hassle of hunting down their main messaging app


Untitled Design (9).png

   It also replaces...

       • Misplaced sticky notes
       • Old paper schedules
       • Frantically messaging all your friends on different                      platforms seeing who can cover your shift

If you want more information or to buy StaffHub now click below: