A closer look at StaffHub from an Employer Perspective

StaffHub is an app designed for front line staff workers in industries such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality and recreational that can track when they work, get co-workers to cover shifts, and have management approve these transitions.
It easily solves previous issues that many companies faced such as using paper for everything, mis-communications between staff and managers and finding out information. This is a breakthrough from the traditional methods of managing your staff schedules. 

From the video above, you see how StaffHub can help your employees solve those issues of communicating with respect to shifts, tasks, requests and key documents. 

Key Management Features

• Create schedules for you and your team members
• Personalize shifts by colour and add notes
• Approve requests in an instant
• Send out announcements to your team
• Message team members individually
• Provide company documents, training and policies
• Everything is online, so no more paperwork!

Untitled Design (9).png

   It also replaces...

       • Sticky notes
       • Paper schedules
       • Paging/intercom announcements 

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