At ITK, we are all about solutions. So when you need answers for your team, look no further than StaffHub. All online, without the paperwork, delivering results you will use everyday. How can it help? See for yourself:



  • Create and manage schedules for the team
  • Add unique colours and breaks
  • Approve shift swaps and vacation requests
  • See who is working in the know with the "clock in/out" feature
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  • Message individual team members on whereabouts or for help
  • Share ideas on strategies 
  • Send/Recieve alerts

Policies & Training

  • Import your company policies, procedures and documents instantly
  • Allow your team to view documents like return policies and support in customer/employee
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Task Management

  • Assign tasks to your employees with a few clicks
  • Eliminates the need for sticky notes

Can it work for my business?

Have a look at the images below on how StaffHub can solve many problems for your workforce:


See for yourself


Employee Perspective
Employees can swap and offer shifts in the palm of their hand, plus see things they couldn't before. Click below to view!


Employer Perspective
Employers not only have the power to create schedules, but do so much more. How? Click below to find out!



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$4.90/month per user

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$4.00/month per user


This includes all of StaffHub's features for your employees, 24/7 support, email accounts for everyone on your team, storage, SharePoint, security and so much more