Talent Relationship Management

When Talent is crucial to your success


If you already use or are thinking of using LinkedIn for your recruiting efforts, and Microsoft Office is your standard for your communications and productivity, then our solution to talent management leveraging the integration and intelligence of the Microsoft Dynamics platform is what you are looking for. It extends the great capabilities of D365 Talent Attract and Onboard by having a recruiting hub and portal driven by D365 Customer Service.


Recruiting Trends

Business organizations needs to treat job seekers and applicants as customers, providing them with responsive and candidate-centred treatment. Digital communication channels are more common now, and recruits should be provided with comprehensive information about the employer, their culture and values, as well as the job. Employers need to have a strategy to continuously attract and interest job seekers so that when specific jobs are posted there are a range of candidates available and interested.

Key Elements of our Solution

  • Branded Portal where job seekers can find out about the employer and their culture, upload their qualifications, enter their job preferences and receive notifications relevant to their interests
  • Position and Job approval process if applicable to your organization
  • Can use a repository of Word-based job descriptions or use the powerful job description authoring process
  • Job Postings directly through your portal, on LinkedIn and other social channels / job boards
  • Candidates can apply directly and quickly through your portal and LinkedIn. Their submission is automatically loaded into each job's recruiting pipeline
  • The recruiting process and team for each job can be tailored using drag and drop techniques
  • The MS Attract component provides automatic notification and communication with each job applicant using MS Outlook 
  • A job's recruitment process can include assessments including screening questions, video submissions, or external testing services
  • Interview scheduling accesses MS Office 365 calendars to find convenient times for interviewers
  • A range of options for interviewer feedback is provided
  • Can handle simple or complex offer management
  • Candidate information can be stored in a talent pool repository which can be accessed by full text search when looking for certain skills or qualifications
  • The MS Onboard component uses the same drag and drop technique to put together a unique candidate on-boarding experience based on standard tasks such as getting security ready, preparing a workstation, or having the new hire complete HR documents
  • Same email / portal process used to keep communicating with the new hire until they are on the job and properly adjusted, helping with a smooth transition  


Schematic of Talent Relationship Management Solution


Fundamental Features


The hub features dashboards, charts, and PowerBI analytics to bring big data to the competitive talent search environment. 

Modern User Interface

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite features a best-in-class user interface that is completely responsive across web and mobile access, complete with a built-in app that runs directly from Outlook. 

HR SYSTEM integration

The hub can integrate with a variety of HR systems for position or job information. 

integration with LINKEDIN

The Attract component was built to directly integrate with LinkedIn Recruiter users providing a truly seamless transfer of data and documentation

Components of our Talent Relationship Management system

Below we have video vignettes for three of the key components of our Talent Relationship Management system. Click where marked to see each vignette. If you would like our white paper that describes this system in detail just press the button below



A lightweight yet powerful modular app that flexibly runs recruiting campaigns, making scheduling, communicating and information collection a breeze.

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Another MS Talent modular apps that makes setting up individual onboarding programs simple. Helps to track all of the activities required to get a new hire set-up properly.

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The central repository for jobs and applicants, with approval processes and business intelligence. Powers a branded career portal to help build talent pools and interested job seekers

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Another dimension can easily be added to make this a truly digital solution for the modern workplace: Continuous social recruitment. Many growing employers are finding that their brand must be built on a ongoing basis. By adding in the Click Dimension's social and marketing automation products into the core solution, then planning, implementing and evaluating social campaigns and drip recruiting marketing becomes a key part of an integrated solution.

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